Ancient Artifact with Orange Bird
Ancient Artifacts with Wings
Ancient Artifacts with Wings

Artifact with Wings, 6x6" mixed media

Ancient Artifacts with Cat

Artifact with Cat, 6x6" mixed media

Artifact with Sun, 12x12" mixed media

Artifact with Duck, 6x6" mixed media

Four Bags, 20x30" oil on canvas

Artifact with Turtle, 12x12" mixed media

Flower Lady, 4x6" mixed media

Artifact with Hut, 12x12" mixed media

Man on One Knee,  16x20" oil on canvas

African Kings 30x40" oil on canvas

African Kings 30x40" oil on canvas

Hearing Voices,  16x24"  oil on canvas

After Degas,  6x6"  oil on board

Artifact with Horse  12x12" mixed media on board

After Carravaggio,  9x12"  oil on board

Rock Museum, 18x7" cardboard, acrylic, nature finds

6x6" mixed media